The last two courses were simply amazing ... the teachers, the atmosphere, the people, the place and of course the music make it something special. Seriously, thanks a lot for gifting me with an opportunity to live something like that.

Daniel Fernandez (19-year-old piano student at ESMUC, Barcelona)

Thank you so much for a fabulous, inspiring and utterly delicious week!  I really feel that I have come away ready to perform in front of an audience, which is what I set out to do.

Ginevra House (PhD student at York University, England)

Castelfranc was just a WONDERFUL experience for me and for my music.

Naome Dragstedt, Headteacher, California

The time at Castelfranc was magical. I have returned to the piano with so many new ideas and new skills. Most important to me, though, is the renewal of the passion for the piano I seemed to have lost many years ago when other responsibilities and activities took over my life. The course helped me to reconnect.

Theresa Ford, music therapist, Texas

The Tutors

aPaul Roberts (Director)

‘His ability to express musical ideas in words is astounding. A unique gift’
Portland Piano International

aRobert Schwartz - Course I

'His playing was crystal clear and his poetic insights remarkable'
Scranton Times

aMartin Sturfalt - Course II

‘Real technical brilliance, which Sturfält has in abundance. A masterly performer’
Manchester Evening News

aCharles Owen - Course III

'One of the finest British pianists of his generation.'
Gramophone Magazine



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The magnificent Priory at Ambialet in the Tarn Gorge is the summer school's new home. Over the years it has maintained and developed the original vision of its founders: to nurture the highest standards of music-making in idyllic surroundings...